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May 16, 2020: The "RE-write" has begun! Four years ago, I launched, sought crowdfunding for, and published a book called The Obama Legacy: a WE-WRITE of the Greatest American Presidency, in anticipation of the inevitable history book and media RE-write that I and other observers predicted would happen.
If you've been following the news of the day, you may have heard that the new talking point among supporters of the current president is to manufacture outrage about a hidden scandal called "Obamagate."
Why is this happening? Why is this happening now? Well, in light of the current president's handling of the US response to the global pandemic, his plummeting poll numbers, evidence that Obama had, in fact, left him fair warning of the inevitability of the need for a pandemic response, it is evident that the current occupant of the White House will not be treated kindly by history--particularly in comparison to his predecessor--and there's every reason to suspect that public sentiment may evidence itself in the November 2020 election.
Many news outlets have surmised that these shouts of "Obamagate" are yet another in the litany of orchestrated distractions--as well as another text book case of the concept of psychological projection-- being leveled by the party in power to take focus away from the failures of the current president by accusing him of something about which they themselve may feel guilty.
Please do not drink the "Kool-Aid." I can almost assure you--based simply on observation of patterns of behavior by the party in power-- that there is no "there" there. Obamagate is pure fabrication. If there is a "scandal" it is--in their minds--the un-heard-of, unimaginable, unthinkable (yet factually-supported) reality that the former president, Barack Obama, has surfaced from his relative silence in matters concerning the current administration--to yet again out-class, out-think and out-shine the current president and his minions. "The unmitigated gall of this man whom we wish to see as beneath us!" Scandalous, indeed!
This is precisely why I created The Obama Legacy: A WE-Write of the Greatest American Presidency that depends on grass roots efforts by people like you to spread the word about it! Because of changing news cycles and ever-evolving talking points by detractors, it is likely that people (and their children who may not have been at an age of awareness at the time)--need to be reminded just who Barack Obama was, what he accomplished during his two terms in office, and what he continues to represent through his legacy.
After the book's initial publication in November of 2016, it became evident to me that there was just too much chaos, upheaval and real scandal going on within the new administration for the media or the public to really take the time to assess and celebrate the legacy of the previous one. I hoped there would come a time when such attention would be paid. This current attack on Obama's legacy may just be that time! Please spread the word! Share The Obama Legacy: A WE-WRITE of the Greatest American Presidency with your friends and family! Legacy matters. Let the defense begin!
My name is Walt F.J. Goodridge, and I approve this message!
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"The fear and insecurity that feeds attack of any kind is an all-consuming one that never knows any peace. It leads to depraved, irrational and mean-spirited behavior that seems nonsensical and obvious in its intent to all but those who are consumed and thus blinded by it. Is your sense of self worth so deeply rooted in a facade and perception of superiority over certain others that even now, four years, later it persists? You could not thwart the man's rising star, nor keep him from the presidency, nor derail his route to a second term, nor from the fond memories of him in the public mind. So, now you attack his legacy. So be it. We shall defend it."-- We The People (Crowdfunders of The Obama Legacy: A WE-Write of the Greatest American Presidency)
Below is a helpful reminder courtesy of the Rachel Maddow Show of highlights of the impact of the Obama presidency. The article above is included in the description beneath the video, so please share and encourage others to read it and subscribe to the channel. Click here to subscribe to the Youtube Channel ###

"Under President Obama" by Rachel Maddow (In case you've forgotten)

It's now 2020, but do you remember the time....?

Here's a mock-up--with a few creative liberties taken--to remind you what the White House website looked like back in October of 2015!

the WHITE HOUSEPresident Barack Obama
President Obama speaks to a crowd from behind a podium with the Presidential Seal in the foreground.

Fantasy Event:

The President praises independently-published book as vital to safeguarding his legacy!

Okay, so maybe we're exaggerating a bit! However, I'm sure he would have agreed with our assessment!


Enjoy the trip down memory lane? Don't worry, you can grab a piece of the past!


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Yes, "greatest!" Don't believe it? Check out this amazing recap of presidential accomplishments offered by Rachel Maddow on January 19, 2017:

"Under President Obama" by Rachel Maddow (In case you've forgotten) The FULL segment with more of the Sonya Sotamayor lead-up

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Obama Legacy Book 2-dimensional cover
Obama Legacy Book 2-dimensional cover (150 pages | Size: 8" x 10" | Over 365 full color images) Preview

Available in paperback or hardback:

PAPERBACK ISBN: 978-0983580829

HARDCOVER ISBN: 978-0983580843

What's a "We-Write?"

"A pre-emptive, crowd-funded, people-produced history book!"
pre-empt: to prevent an anticipated occurrence or to take action before another person is able to; to preclude, to forestall
When it comes to historical accounts, more often than not, what passes as history is usually a "RE-Write" crafted by those in power with their own agenda and biases. Well, we the people have an agenda, too. Our agenda is fairness when it comes to telling this story. A "WE-Write" is simply history written by we the people.
In January of 2016, Barack Hussein Obama, ended his historic two-terms in office as 44th president of the United States of America.
Now, it would be great if Americans lived in a society where such a trivial matter as the color of a man's skin did not affect how he will be remembered, but unfortunately that society does not yet exist.
If you've lived in or simply observed life in America for any length of time, you've seen how it happens time and again. Genocide and slavery are sanitized for the textbooks. War criminals are pardoned and their crimes overlooked and forgotten by the media. Hollywood fictionalizes history and that fiction becomes real in the public's collective mind and memory.
At the same time, particularly when it comes to cinematic portrayals of men and women of color, noble individuals of real historical consequence are recast as supporting characters in their own stories--playing second to the humanized white leads who become their saviors and redeemers. We are left with hollow caricatures of these great individuals.
We must not allow that to happen this time. Don't allow pundits, politicians and producers to determine how you and your children remember Obama's presidency.

"The Obama Legacy We-Write Project is a way for we the people--all of us--to take action to prepare, present, promote and preserve this legacy and pre-empt the RE-Write of history that is likely to occur."

The idea for the "We Write" is very straightforward: to document and present in a permanent way the accomplishments of this president, and to give people the information, facts, images and words to pre-empt the media's, Hollywood's and the history textbook "re-writes" that are likely to occur over time.
Let's create and direct this conversation. Let's control the narrative. Can we? Yes, we can!
The EIGHT (8) years that Barack Obama was president of the United States was--relatively speaking--a long time. With media coverage that jumps from one breaking news story to the next, it's easy, or perhaps inevitable that we, the people, forget some of the milestones that made this presidency arguably, one of the most consequential in American history. This unique volume attempts to capture them all!
It will help you remember:
• "Obamania"
• "The Ground Game" and era of Social Media campaigning
• Lilly Ledbetter Act
• Cuba relations
• Osama Bin Laden
• Universal Health Care
• Female Supreme Court Justices
• Gay marriage rights
• Triumph over the "one-term obstructionists"
• The Nobel Peace Prize
• The economy
• Unemployment rate
• Troop withdrawal, and more
...with citations, photos and commentary and more, in an easy-to-read, bold, color keepsake (paperback or hardcover) that will last for years!

R e v i e w s

"This is a well compiled retrospective of a historical presidency. Wonderful pictures. This is a refreshingly positive and optimistic book. The writer reminds us that despite the shortcomings and missteps of his administration President Obama accomplished more than most others."--Claire, New York
"I have received the Obama Legacy book and very happy indeed! Great book and many thanks for the superb work documenting President Obama's achievement! Will post a review [on Amazon] in due course."--Kamau, Australia

P r e v i e w s   in   F U L L   C O L O R

Includes Official White House Photographs by Pete Souza, Lawrence Jackson, Chuck Kennedy, Samantha Appleton, Annie Leibovitz, David Lienemann, Sonya N. Hebert and Amanda Lucidon and Joyce Baghosian. Other photos and images by Harry Wad, 123rf.com, Wikimedia Commons. Also includes unique life rhymes by Walt F.J. Goodridge  page 1 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 9 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 11 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 12 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 13 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 17 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 53 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 113 of the Obama Legacy We Write
page 123 of the Obama Legacy We Write

Something to remember...

Obama Wept accompaniment to "legacy rhyme" on page 129. View on Youtube

" This book is about preserving a legacy for our children and those not alive or too young to be aware of this historic presidency."

Along with the facts, dates, and descriptions, we've included "legacy rhymes" (by life rhymes creator, Walt Goodridge) that even younger readers will enjoy and learn from. Imagine knowing by heart not only when 'Columbus sailed the ocean blue,' but also when Obama signed the Lilly Ledbetter Fair Pay Act of 2009!
"The first act that Obama signed
was January 29, 2009
And now in Lilly's name we say
with equal work comes equal pay!"

Re-live the GREATNESS... again and again!


Re-live the magic!

Look back over eight impactful years. Don't be swayed by attempts to minimize this consequential presidency. Take a peek outside of the US news cycle and see how this America president was--and continues to be--welcomed and perceived by the world:

An International Focus:
(Includes YOUR country or commonwealth), too!

The Obama Legacy We-Write includes photos from just about every country the president visited! You'll find photos of diplomatic meetings, or troop visits, or you might even see yourself in photos of the President or First Lady greeting the residents and/or dignitaries of:
• the Arctic Circle
• Argentina
• Australia
• Belgium
• Brazil
• Cambodia
• Canada
• Chile
• China
• Colombia
• Costa Rica
• Cuba
• Czech Republic
• Egypt
• El Salvador
• Estonia
• Ethiopia
• France
• Germany
• Ghana
• Haiti
• India
• Iraq
• Ireland
• Italy
• Jamaica
• Japan
• Jordan
• Kenya
• Malaysia
• Myanmar (Burma)
• Norway
• Panama
• Philippines
• Poland
• Portugal
• Puerto Rico
• Russia
• Saudi Arabia
• Senegal
• Singapore
• South Africa
• South Korea
• Sweden
• Tanzania
• Thailand
• Turkey
• Vietnam
• The West Bank
• United Kingdom...


image of a stack of the Obama Legacy paperback books
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How this idea came about:

The idea for this book came to me in May of 2016, I was listening to National Public Radio's coverage of the annual Correspondents' Dinner and the President's "stand-up" routine. I thought to myself that there should be a way to document and preserve his unique mix of charm, humor, intelligence and wit. Never fearful of hyperbole and extremes, I originally titled it On His Watch: The Legacy of America's Greatest President, Barack Hussein Obama and started to draft what it would contain. When I emailed a close friend (and frequent sounding board) about the idea, she replied:
"Love it! After spending a day in DC, going by the White House etc. I said to [my husband], you know what? We have to document this; write the story of Obama for ourselves because we know that no one else will tell it correctly. They are gonna lie and paint him as the worst president when in fact it's just the opposite."

More than just a book to purchase, it's a project you can support in many ways (Choose as many as you can!)

What my friend said reflects a sad, but true insight into how people feel. If you feel or fear the same, then please support this ongoing project. Help us make this book a bestseller! Your contribution will be used towards
• paying for publicity (press releases, advertising)
• mailing copies to reviewers
• a sequel that's already in the works
• promotional videos and more!

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The Obama Legacy
A WE-WRITE of the Greatest American Presidency
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Obama Legacy  cover
"A pre-emptive, crowd-funded, people-produced history book! A 150-page, 365-image, year-by-year, full-color, all-inclusive timeline, highlight reel, random photo album and history book of the two-term Barack Obama presidency with time and place captions, and behind-the-scenes photographer commentary!"
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The Obama Legacy TIMELINE
A week by week chronicle of the greatest American presidency
by Walt F.J. Goodridge
Obama Legacy Timeline cover
Here is a week by week, month by month, year by year chronicle of firsts, trips, legislation and other milestones of the Obama presidency.
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The Obama Legacy We-Write (Reg.24.95) PLUS
The Legacy Timeline (Reg. $10.00);
a combined value of $34.95, yours for only $29.95

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